Transformative Living


The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members – Coretta Scott King

The Palisades House provides a transformative living experience designed to encourage and empower clients to take an active role in their community and personal recovery. For people completing an addiction treatment program, or those simply reconnecting with healthy living, creating a life of purpose and meaning requires active engagement and participating in experiences that expand our horizons and challenge us to live up to our greatest potential. The Palisades House provides the unique combination of a serene recovery residence, a structured and supportive program, and a community-driven by experiences that inspire and enrich the soul.

Our properties are designed to provide clients with the environment they need to reboot, refresh, and recover. Featuring luxurious, spacious layouts, expansive views, and other beautiful amenities, clients can use their time to focus on themselves or the day ahead. Healthy chef-cooked meals and fully stocked pantries are also provided at each sober living residence. Clients also receive memberships to local, high-end gyms to encourage mental and physical wellness. Each property features 24/7 onsite staff to provide support, companionship, and guidance to clients whenever they need it most. In addition to the ongoing client support, our staff will be in regular communication with a client’s entire treatment team- the referring clinician, the client’s family, and anyone else involved in the client’s active transformation to long-term sober living.

A life of recovery is built on a foundation of transformative experiences that inspire and nurture the individual to live a life unlike anything they have experienced before. To enable this change, The Palisades House is designed to provide the structure and growth opportunities to help clients continue their addiction treatment programs or simply reacquaint themselves with healthy living. In addition to internal house meetings, communal events, and accountability check-ins, our recovery community provides opportunities to experience the arts, music, fitness & well-being, professional development, and civic engagement. These experiences will provide clients with opportunities for active engagement, bond-building, and the everyday moments that make life so rewarding.

The Palisades House combination of tranquil sober living environments, structured and supportive programming, and a community based on getting out and experiencing all that life has to offer is what makes our recovery program truly unique and transformative


A safe haven to establish healthy habits for good living


Luxurious accommodations and amenities creating a sense of community in style


Designed for those seeing a transformative lifestyle shift

Shared living space in The Palisades House sober living home, for clients transitioning from addiction treatment to independent living
Sun room balcony view of Washington DC from The Palisades House sober living home for adults transitioning from addiction treatment to independent living