Recovery Coaching & Mentoring


“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller

At The Palisades House, we recognize that while the journey to recovery starts with a single step, the road ahead is filled with many exciting and challenging moments that we look forward to sharing with you. Our dedicated mentoring and recovery coach staff have been there before and understand what it’s like to engage life with a new outlook and perspective. We will embark on this journey with you, every step of the way, to show you what’s possible when you choose a life of recovery.

For client’s ready to make the transition to independent living, The Palisades House offers a continued level of support- The Palisades House Recovery Mentors. These mentors will accompany our clients on life’s many adventures, helping them adjust and adapt to a new way of living. Our mentors are trained to provide the appropriate level of guidance needed to help our clients navigate their path toward personal growth and recovery. 

Collaborating with the client’s treatment team, our mentors will work with a client and their family to communicate updates, progress, and life milestones. Support teams can expect frequent communications and feedback on how their loved one is progressing and can feel confident knowing they have trusted boots on the ground working with them each step of the way. A client’s mentor will be there for them through thick and thin and can always be counted on to guide the client in the direction of their best interest and well-being. More than a recovery coach, The Palisades House Recovery Mentors are committed to helping clients realize their dreams and reach their highest potential.


“Christian played an essential role in our son’s recovery. Our son struggled with a serious drug and alcohol-dependency issue for several years. Christian provided our son with a solid role model, and compassionate, unwavering support when he needed it most. He not only guided our son through the process during his residency in sober living, but us as well, providing us with solid support and an accountability system that gave my son the tools he needed to remain sober long after his stay. We are eternally grateful for Christian’s help and support.”

- Julie M

“It was such a pleasure to work with Anthony. He helped our family navigate a delicate time in our lives. He was able to educate us on healthy boundaries within our family system. We are very thankful for his guidance.”

- William C

"The Palisades House is an outstanding sober living home with upscale accommodations and a caring, compassionate staff. Clients are treated with respect and genuine concern to help them achieve a meaningful and productive life. My husband and I will be forever grateful to Anthony and the team for guiding our son through a successful stay."

- Olga A.

Recovery coaches and mentors work with clients to help lead lives of passion, purpose, and meaning while in recovery.
A recovery coach is there to support and guide clients when they need it most.